Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Risk Management

Legal Courses

  • OHS ACT 85/1993


This course focuses specifically on the legal requirements pertaining to the Construction Trade.

Learner objectives

  •     Understanding the requirements of the Construction Regulations
  •     Understanding the methods and practices for legal compliance
  •     Understand the specific rules and guidelines pertaining to site risks.
  •     Understanding the key requirements of risk assessments, H&S Specifications, H&S Plans
  •     Understand the key responsibilities of the Client, Agent, Principle Contractor and Contractors


This course focuses on assisting SHE persons in recording, reporting and investigating injuries and diseases at work

Learner objectives

  • Explain the basic knowledge of the Compensation of Occupational Injuries and Disease Act, 130 of 1993 
  • Describe the standard procedure of the reporting of an occupational accident or disease 
  • Describe the compensation procedure for occupational injuries and diseases


A course focused on the Legal Liability of all employers , directors and management structures.
Understand your liability within Law and the personal implications regarding fines, imprisonment and other forms of prosecution.

Learner objectives

  • The statutory requirements of Health, Safety and Environmental legislation
  • The key duties of the Employer, Employee, SHE Reps, SHE Committees and Department of Labour structures as per Act 85/1993
  • Understand liability with the law and the criminal implications on the Employer and Employee structures
  • Understand the regulatory requirements pertaining to organisational risk

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT (O.H.S ACT 85/1993) – Level 1 and Level 2+

This course focuses on the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85/1993.

Learner objectives

  • Understand the elements of reasonably practicable within the framework of health and safety risks
  • Understand the key requirements, duties and responsibilities of the employer and employee
  • Understand legal compliance issues: 1 day – 50 sections only; 2 – 10 days – with site specific regulations

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